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Shehnaaz Gill After Leaving Show She is.........

Shehnaz Gill.

Even after leaving from marrying me, Mayank has not stopped commenting on Shehnaz Gill.  A video of Mayank is going viral in which he makes fun of Shehnaz, saying that he should have gone to a circus to find the groom.  Not that such a big show should have been arranged.  Mayank is saying in the video - I refused to do the task given by Shehnaz, because in any relationship, respect is the biggest thing.
Shehnaz Gill After Leaving Show She is.........
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Shehnaz was thinking of all the five boys that they would do anything for me, be a donkey, do wages.  Whatever I say, I will become a servant for me.  But in a relationship it is not, maturity in relationship is respect.  Relationship is not that if I come back from office today, I can see my partner hanging upside down on the fan, that too in girls clothes.  Does not happen like this.  But when you give such a task to someone on the show, it shows that you do not respect others.

 Mayank added, "If someone wants to act crazy and you have to entertain, then I have said before that you should have gone to a circus to like your groom, not to have arranged such a big show."  In the video, Mayank also made it clear that Jasleen had always liked her as a friend and will remain.

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