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During the trading, the SENSEX rolled down to 3200 points, while the Nifty also recorded a decline of about 1000 points.  At the end of the trade, the Sensex lost 8.18%, ie 2919.26 points and closed at a level of 32,778.14.
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Due to this, the market cap of companies on the BSE index was Rs 1,26,00,369.46 crore.  The market cap on Wednesday was Rs 1,37,13,558.72 crore a day earlier.  In this sense, the investors have lost more than Rs 11 lakh crore.

 At 2.40 pm, the Sensex fell more than 3100 points, while the Nifty fell to 950 points.  The level of the SENSEX came down to 32 thousand 600, while the Nifty was at the level of 9 thousand 500 points.  Please tell that this is the biggest decline in the history of the stock market.  The stock market had not seen such a big fall in any one day.  In this one day, the investors have lost more than 9 lakh crores.  This figure of loss is expected to increase.  The situation will be clear at the end of the business.

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