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Modi IS Going To Pakistan for.......

Prime Minister Modi had given this call on Friday which was welcomed by all the countries except Pakistan.  Later, it was told from Pakistan that Special Secretary on Health Affairs of Prime Minister Imran Khan Zafar Mirza will also join it.  The Government of Pakistan has also informed India about this.

This will be a discussion between SAARC countries after a long time.  India has indicated that it will provide all possible help to its neighbors to combat the corona virus.  Prime Minister Modi wrote on Twitter on Friday, 'The world is fighting against Kovid-19 Novel Corona Virus.  The government and the public are engaged in dealing with the full potential against it at many levels.  I propose to the leaders of SAARC countries to make a strong strategy against the corona virus.  We can discuss keeping our citizens healthy through video conferencing.
Modi IS Going To Pakistan for.......
                          Narendra Modi
 Shortly after this statement issued by PM Modi, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh and Afghanistan thanked Prime Minister Modi for this initiative and expressed his desire to join it.  Now after Pakistan's yes, this video conferencing between all SAARC countries has been fixed at 5 pm on Sunday.  According to sources, the issues that can be discussed on Sunday will include taking more vigilance about the movement of citizens, providing medical or medicines help to each other or sharing the experience.

Since India is the largest country in the region and has successfully limited the spread of the corona virus so far, Prime Minister Modi can be proclaimed to help other countries.  India is already helping some countries.  For example, on February 26, 2020, China's city of Wuhan was supplied 15 tons of medical supplies to fight the corona virus.  Such help will also be provided to Iran soon.  While India was evacuating its citizens from China and Japan, some citizens of Bangladesh, Maldives and other countries were also evacuated.  India had urged all SAARC countries that if any of their citizens were to be evacuated, India would help in that.  Some countries also requested.

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