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India's Rich Man Died In America see.....

Atre (50) was the owner of web design company Atrenet Inc., whose company met the requirements of the Silicon Valley corporate business, according to 'Los Angeles Times' news.  On Tuesday (October 1) morning, he was in his house only when many suspects entered his house forcibly and kidnapped him in his girlfriend's car.
India's Rich Man Died In America see.....
Pic's Credit: NDTV

Officers began a search for Atre, hours after which police found a BMW car stolen from his house, near which his body was found.

While investigating Atre, officers arrived at a house located in a dense forest area in a mountainous area, where they found their corpse with a vehicle.

 Investigators are searching for several suspects in the context of Atre's arrest.

 "We are investigating every aspect of his life," said Sergeant Brian Cleveland, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office.

 According to the Sheriff Office's Facebook post, "Investigators are investigating the suspects' relationship with Atre.  But the authorities have denied the "apprehension of looting" in the case.

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