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Bollywood Huge Loss Beacuse of Coronavirus | 800 Crore Loss

The state governments of the country have announced the closure of theaters.  So far, more than 3500 screens have been discontinued.  Theaters are closed in the major belts of Hindi films in Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Bihar. 

At the same time, the release date of many films has been postponed.  Big films like Baghi and English Medium have suffered due to the closure of theaters, the release date of the same big budget film .

Suryavanshi has also been lost.  Many film bodies have stopped shooting all types of movies and TV shows for some time.  Apart from the makers, the cinema owners are suffering a lot.

 Trade expert Taran Adarsh ​​said that as production, distribution and exhibition have been completely stopped, the loss of the industry is likely to increase manifold.  Taran Adarsh ​​said, I think it will take time for things to become normal and it will not be easy for the audience to return to theaters in the coming months as everyone is still in the shadow of fear and panic.

 He further said that where many Indian films are released in international markets, the situation is going to get worse because the situation in many countries outside India is very worrying.  Let us know that after the terror of Corona virus, China has opened theaters for the first time but people thought it appropriate to keep distance from theaters.

News Info:- According to sources