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Why did it take so long to overcome Delhi's violence?

Big leaders have started speaking, the headline will start getting bigger and the sufferings of common people will start getting smaller.  Their statements will fill the space and there will be less space for those whose shops are burnt, their families are killed and those who are battling with life and death on the hospital bed.  I wish it did not happen, but it will happen now.  
Why did it take so long to overcome Delhi's violence?
When violence and inflammatory speeches were being given, no one stopped immediately.  Media and politics had to play the game of Waris Pathan vs Kapil Mishra.  The administration had to remain silent.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the question of the failure of the police and the accountability of the Home Minister.  

In the Delhi elections, there was a lot of cultivation of communalism and hatred, in those twenty days the Election Commission could not stop, the goons came in Jamia, JNU and Shaheen Bagh, shot and police kept watching.  Riots could not be controlled for three days in North Eastern Delhi, it did not control curfew, it took three to four days in a general decision.  

Questions are being asked about Home Minister Amit Shah, the answer is being counted as to how many meetings he held.  That is the question, what was the result of those meetings that North East Delhi kept on burning and people kept dying?

 Ankit Sharma, who lived in Chandbagh, returned home after finishing his duty.  But when there was a riot in the locality, Ankit started doing his duty.  

Started gathering information.  Ankit's body has been recovered from the drain on 26th.  The common man of Ankit's family is blaming the party councilor.  The atmosphere behind the murder of Ankit, who works as a security assistant in the Intelligence Bureau, has been prepared to sit on the poison sharing TV in the debate of Waris Pathan vs Kapil Mishra. 

 Poison will continue to spread, but now Ankit Sharma's family will be battling between him and the cruel memories of his murder.  Ankit is beaten to death.  Family members were searching since Tuesday.  Ankit's father Ravindra Sharma says that the bullet has also been shot with beating.

 This is the poison that killed Bulandshahr Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh.  This is the poison that killed Khyar Khan.  Now everything will be alright, it is easy to say, but will they be cured, whose people have died here, whose shops have been burnt. 

Our colleague Nazir, who covered Kashmir, came to meet on Monday.  It was said in the conversation that first murder is death, second murder becomes number.  It is possible that people may forget to find out where the next elections are and the language of Delhi will be repeated there, but remember the names of those killed.

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