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New Law | Making sex relations by making false promises is also in the category of rape:

Bombay High Court

The Bombay High Court has passed an important ruling, according to which if a man has sex with a woman by saying that he does not love anyone other than just that woman, he will not be considered consensual.
The High Court further said that building relationships on such assurances would come under the category of rape. The order was pronounced by Justices Sunil Shukre and Madhav Jamdar while dismissing the petition of a person in a rape case. 
Bombay High court new law
According to the accused, he had made relations with the woman only on her consent.  The man said that he had a love affair with the woman and the woman also agreed to create a physical relationship.
 At the same time, the woman replied that she had given this consent under the wrong impression, because the man's assurance was false.

 The woman said that the man seduced her by saying that he only loves her and not anyone.  After some time both of them broke up.

 Taking into consideration the facts of the case, the bench said, "If the allegations against the man are seen, then the man had made relations with her saying that her love is true for the woman."

 Although the man did not make any promise to the woman about marriage, it is also true that the woman refused to get into such a physical relationship before marriage.

 The man then tried to convince her constantly by saying that he only wanted the woman.  It seems that the woman agreed to the man after these words.

 The bench further stated that the woman did not engage in sexual relations because she had any deep love and passion for the accused, but rather it is a case in which the temptation to enter into such a relationship was given. "  Rejected the plea of ​​the man. "