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If Violence has to be done in a crowd, know how strict the law is

In the national capital Delhi, on 24 and 25 February, rioters massacred the massacre.  This violence erupted in Delhi has shaken the entire nation.  So far 27 people, including Delhi Police head constable Ratan Lal, have died, while more than 200 people are said to be injured. Stoning, firing and arson were done during this period.  Public and private properties were set ablaze.
If Violence has to be done in a crowd, know how strict the law is
Delhi Police has registered 18 cases and arrested 106 people for this violence.  Delhi Police says that the rioters are being identified by CCTV footage.  The culprits will not be spared.  Now the question is, under which law can action be taken against rioter, rebellion, firing, arson and stoning?  What is the provision of punishment for the person who indulges in mob and arson in IPC ie IPC?

 According to Advocate Rohit Srivastava, no one has the right to take law in India.  If someone commits violence by joining a mob, then action is taken under the Indian Penal Code.  He said that under Section 147 and 148 of the IPC, a penalty has been made for the punishment of two to three years for bullying.  Apart from this, a provision of 10 years' punishment and fine has been made under Section 436 of IPC for arson in a building.

 Advocate Rohit Srivastava said that under sections 34 and 149 of the IPC, everyone involved in a violent mob is equally responsible for the violence.  No person involved in a violent mob can escape saying that he was only involved in the mob, but did not commit violence.  He said that if a fatal attack is done during the violence, then a case is also made under Section 307 of the IPC, under which a provision of punishment ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment has been made.

 He said that many people have died in the violence in Delhi, while many people are reported to have killed them.  Therefore, every person involved in violence can be taken action under sections 147, 148, 295, 395, 307, 302 and 436 of the IPC along with 149 and 34.  In this, everyone involved in the violent mob will be equally entitled to punishment.  Overall, all those who are found guilty in the Delhi violence can be punished from two years to the death penalty.

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