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41 people was killed in Delhi violence so far

On 24 February, during the violence in Gokulpuri area, one such pair of father-son was quietly engaged in noble cause.  Both of them bravely transported about 70 Muslims trapped in the area to a safe place and saved their lives.  
41 people was killed in Delhi violence so far
Image source: Social media (Instagram)
According to the information, Mohinder Singh, with the help of his son, transported Muslim families from Gokulpuri market to Kardampuri on their two-wheelers. 

Saves 70 Muslims by 20 rounds

 Talking to ANI, Mohinder Singh said, "My son and I shifted about 60 to 70 Muslims during the violence. I was on my scooter and my son on his bullet. We made 20 trips from Gokulpuri to Kardampuri area.  They were scared. Seeing their fear, we decided to shift them from here. "

 Mohinder said - violence reminded 1984 riots

 Describing the story of that day of violence, Mohinder Singh went on to say, I have witnessed the anti-Sikh riots of 1984. This violence reminded me of that. We turbaned the bearded Muslim men so that they could not be identified. There.  There were also women and children. We took them out first.

 41 people lost their lives, 167 FIRs registered.

 So far 41 people have died in this violence that raged in the north-eastern area of Delhi.  All the injured are still being treated in hospitals.  At the same time, Delhi Police has registered a total of 167 FIRs so far.  36 cases has been registered under the Arms Act.  A total of 885 people have been arrested by the police so far, some of whom are arrested and some are in custody.

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