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Change In Dollar $ Price upto.......

Dollar $ Price

The fall in the price of crude oil after the increasing effect of the corona virus has led to the rupee's fall.  Trading in local currency started at Rs 73.99 per dollar in the inter-banking foreign currency exchange market.  After that it fell to a high of Rs 73.85 and a low to Rs 74.17 per dollar.  At the close of trading, the Indian rupee closed at 74.14 per dollar, down 27 paise from the previous day.  Earlier on Friday, the rupee had closed at 73.87 against the dollar on Friday.

Change In Dollar $ Price upto.......

 Russia's currency collapsed due to huge oil price cuts

 On Monday, Russia's currency ruble hit a four-year low after crude oil prices fell drastically after OPEC failed negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Russia.  The ruble fell more than seven percent to around 74 against the US dollar.  Earlier this level was seen in early 2016.

 At a meeting of oil producers on Friday, crude oil production was expected to be cut.  Russia did not agree to it.  In response, Saudi Arabia waged a war on oil prices on Sunday and made the biggest price cuts in the last 20 years.  Saudi Arabia lowered the April delivery price for Asian countries to between $ 4 and $ 6 per barrel, while for the US it was reduced by $ 7.  Russia's Central Bank has said that it is blocking the purchase of foreign currency for the next 30 days.

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